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Massage to You

Bodywork Associates is fully mobile and on call!

Out Call

Either from preference or necessity, the need for a highly qualified, well trained, and professional therapist is often required. Bodywork Associates has over a decade of experience of traveling to clients’ homes and offices all over Santa Barbara County. Whether your schedule will only permit clinical massage on your lunch break or you prefer simply to relax in the comfort of familiar surroundings, Bodywork Associates is there for you!

On Call

There will always be those times. It’s 3 hours away from your marathon and you start spasming. You’ve slept on your neck wrong- it’s tight and causing a headache- and you have an important sales meeting that afternoon. You’re in pain, your regular therapist calls in sick at the last moment, and you need someone out right away. No matter your reasons for needing us at the last moment, Bodywork Associates is there!

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