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The Differential Game- Shoulder Pain ...

Perhaps it’s my love of the shows like “House, MD”, “Dr. G, Medical Examiner”and “Tales From the ER”, but I’ve noticed that most health care professionals tend to only diagnose, or asses as the case is with anyone who isn’t a medical doctor, within their specialty, and rarely look beyond their own specialty for other causati [...]

10 things your massage therapist want...

In my line of work I come across a multitude of different people from different backgrounds and wanting different things from the session and their massage therapist. It continuously amazes me with how different everyone is that there are a few things a vast majority of clients ask. Here are the most common questions asked- outside of modalit [...]

Lactic Acid, DOMS, and Massage

Lactic Acid, DOMS, and Massage
It has been a long held in teaching in schools of massage therapy that massage reduces the amount of lactic acid within a muscle. Though most of the evidence presented is largely subjective- the muscle feels better after massage, overall muscle soreness is reduced leading to quicker recovery, and then there is that awful taste left in the mou [...]

Bicipital Tendonitis

Bicipital Tendonitis
Bicipital Tendonitis A Short Study from the Table Introduction For several months I’ve been seeing a client for- specifically- pain and weakness proximally and anteriorly in the left shoulder. The pain started during a workout- specifically during the bench press, after recently increasing the weight. The client reported sharp pain during the [...]

Lower Cross Syndrome

Lower Cross Syndrome
Lower Cross Syndrome Explained using parallel lines Introduction Lower Cross Syndrome (LCS- also known as Pelvis Cross Syndrome) is a condition characterized by chronically contracted (shortened) spinal extensors and hip flexors, as well as chronically extended (elongated) abdominal musculature and hamstring group. It can lead to postural imb [...]

The Splits, a brief study

The Splits A study of the Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Massage For performance Introduction As a martial artist, and having been one for over 20 years with little success in side kicking or roundhouse kicking an equal height opponent in the head with any power or balance, I have been pre occupied with the doing “the splits”. Specifically, doing [...]

Swedish vs Deep Tissue

Swedish vs Deep Tissue
Navigating the wild and wacky world of massage therapy can be confusing. There is an incredible array of different types of massage (“modalities”), areas of specialties, and pricing structures. Massage therapists are a creative lot and our practices are often an expression of our focused creativity, tempered with science. Very oft [...]

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